Monday, August 14, 2006


daddy and me singing "how did you know"
on his surprise birthday and reunion celebration

photo by patrick frias

On the second anniversary of The Breathing Room, I bid farewell to you, dear reader. But this is not really a goodbye, just a transition post, because I am dramatic like that. Heehee.

It all started exactly two years ago to this day. I was writing a love note for my dad, it was for his 65th birthday.

We just celebrated Dad's 67th together with the Pineda Clan last Saturday and what a glorious celebration and grand reunion of long-lost family it was.

I could not think of a more fitting time to say goodbye to this blog which has become so much a part of my journey in growth, in healing, in learning more about God's Love everyday.

It has spanned two years, 730 days, a family 0f three moving to a new country, two new births, three homes, over a dozen new friendships, countless realizations, joys and sorrows. Sometimes I soared so mightily I glowed, sometimes I tripped so badly I bled, somehow remembering to breathe through it all.

Tears of joy and celebration flow from my eyes as I write my farewell piece on TBR. A final tribute to my first blog. This may be an electronic, inanimate entity but, by God, I share in all honesty how TBR has been a living, breathing thing in my life on more occasion than I can remember. It has saved my sanity on many a difficult day especially during the early months of adjustment in a new dwelling place away from family and things I have known all my life.

To Jen Gray, for in the beginning, there was her blog and her words, always encouraging, always brave, gently kicking my butt (!), telling me to "Go, girl. Go for it." To SARK, Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy who continues to shine her rainbow colors on dreamers like me and gently prodding, gently coaxing us to go out there and "do more things...badly." for it is in not being afraid and following one's bliss fearlessly that we are able to SHINE our true Light. Then followed a host of other bloggers - all listed under my favorites on the right - who generously shared with me their lives to let me know that I was not alone. Yes, we may all feel that sometimes, but now I know, we are never, NEVER alone even on the darkest nights of the soul.

My cyberpals who deserve way much more than mere mention of their names here: Allison, Leonie, Tracy, Kevin, my life-coach, Julie, my cyberpals on Flickr: Carol, Adrienne, Heidi, Christina, Qing, and many more artistics souls who continue to inspire me creatively.

Oh there are so, SO many, my friends from church in Woodbridge, April and Marge who, through their families caring and generosity and lutong bahay, have quench my thirst for family and community many a dark night. My family who are the main characters in my life story: my life-partner, Jack, my darling kids: Sol, Oona and Joshim, my second family in Toronto, the Azimi's who are my strength and my constant support. Last but not least, my beloved Pineda family and my sisters Leslie and Joey especially for without them I am nothing.

A new chapter awaits somewhere, someday - The Living Room, perhaps - one with much more passion, much deeper breaths and always the presence of the One from which all good things come.

All Glory and Honor to God Almighty from Whom all good things come forever and ever. Amen and AMEN.