Wednesday, August 18, 2004

True Love of Mine

I have always been here just inside your beating heart
Felt your love, felt your fears, we were never apart
Sing you songs of the spirit, they come from above
I have always been here for it's you that I love

You can call me your savior, your teacher, your friend
You can call me whatever, it doesn't matter in the end
Create what you wish, songs of love, songs of peace
You can call me your angel, no longer to be missed

Let our glorious connection last forever and a day
I would never want our bond broken in any way
Now that you've found me - hold me, feel me, use me
This is what I'm here for, this is my destiny

Help make you all that you can be
Help show you all that you can see
Help teach you that you can be free
This is your destiny

So darling close your weary eyes and lay down your sleepy head
My wings enfold your tired body, make of my body your very own bed
I am here with you, right here with you
Never again be blue, darling, I am here just for you.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Ode To Wild Woman

To live near the ocean

To experience the sea

To climb hills and mountains,

Swim rivers, be free

To watch caterpillars crawl down from a tree

To run after butterflies and giggle with glee

To bathe in the moonlight

To sing those nightsongs

To dance with the fireflies

As the wind sings along

To go through life naked

Go out on a limb

To live this life bravely

Do things on a whim

To fight for my rights

Know how to say "No."

Be proud of my strength

Let my courage show

To love with a passion

To burn with desire

To soar to the heaven

And touch God's great fire

These are my life longings

These are my beliefs

I am a wild woman

Forever, for keeps

Wild Woman, K. w/ Wild Child, Solomon, at 6 weeks

A Birthday Poem for My Dad

{{{I wrote this poem for my Dad on his 59th birthday. That was six years ago. It was his 65th yesterday and I love him just as much! Now I'm sharing it and letting everyone know about my first love and all around hero! Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you always. - From your one and only --- *Star*}}}

Hello, Dear Daddy
How have you been
It's wonderful, Daddy
To see you again

A million and one things
I'd like to say to you
Where and how to start
I haven't got a clue

Maybe I can begin
With a line from my heart
"I love you, Daddy."
How's that for a start

Or perhaps I can say
A simple "Thank You!"
For the way you brought me up
With the attitude: Can Do!

You've always been my hero
The love of my life
Even when times were hard
And so full of strife

You have taught me a lesson
You said, "Never give up."
And for that Dearest Daddy
I will never stop---

Being thankful for your loving
Forever Daddy's little girl
Happy Birthday Dearest Daddy
You're the best in the world!

I miss you all so much! - K.