Monday, May 01, 2006

Mighty River

last night was special
last night i witnessed something beautiful and powerful
last night i was flooded with intense feelings of both joy and sadness

and i know i will never be the same again

Canon 300E

There's a mighty river flowing
There's a mighty river flowing
In this place
And it's full of passion
Full of power
Full of glory
It's full of grace

~ Hillsong



Lena said...

Beautiful picture!

I've never heard of GK before. But, Chris and I were just talking about this year's charity. Hmm. Coincidence?

Lena said...

I absolutely LOVE "Fly" in your iKat Ink. Do you sell these?

iKat said...

Synchronicity! You bet I sell these things, Lenagirl. Go and be my first customer (i know. sad. i'm such a bad marketer. :(here and bring me some goodLENAluck!