Wednesday, August 18, 2004

True Love of Mine

I have always been here just inside your beating heart
Felt your love, felt your fears, we were never apart
Sing you songs of the spirit, they come from above
I have always been here for it's you that I love

You can call me your savior, your teacher, your friend
You can call me whatever, it doesn't matter in the end
Create what you wish, songs of love, songs of peace
You can call me your angel, no longer to be missed

Let our glorious connection last forever and a day
I would never want our bond broken in any way
Now that you've found me - hold me, feel me, use me
This is what I'm here for, this is my destiny

Help make you all that you can be
Help show you all that you can see
Help teach you that you can be free
This is your destiny

So darling close your weary eyes and lay down your sleepy head
My wings enfold your tired body, make of my body your very own bed
I am here with you, right here with you
Never again be blue, darling, I am here just for you.

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