Saturday, August 14, 2004

Ode To Wild Woman

To live near the ocean

To experience the sea

To climb hills and mountains,

Swim rivers, be free

To watch caterpillars crawl down from a tree

To run after butterflies and giggle with glee

To bathe in the moonlight

To sing those nightsongs

To dance with the fireflies

As the wind sings along

To go through life naked

Go out on a limb

To live this life bravely

Do things on a whim

To fight for my rights

Know how to say "No."

Be proud of my strength

Let my courage show

To love with a passion

To burn with desire

To soar to the heaven

And touch God's great fire

These are my life longings

These are my beliefs

I am a wild woman

Forever, for keeps

Wild Woman, K. w/ Wild Child, Solomon, at 6 weeks

1 comment:

MountainWolf Howls said...

I love your poem. Escpecially the 1st ten lines, even though I'm a guy. Of course, I can't relate to the female references, but I do respect it. I love seeing nature in poetry. Howling good!