Friday, September 03, 2004

like a great big candy store

i should say chocolate instead of just candy. never liked candy that much. the stuff's too annoyingly sweet. ah, but chocolate is divine. i like the plain white ones. or rich and dark. no nuts, no fruits, no gooey, sticky cream-filled centers. just white. or black. or brown.

pure and simple.

my great big chocolate candy store: jen gray's website. i have found a place which inspires me to be more creative, more courageous in sharing. a place which helps make me more internet-savvy because of the many links it shares. i don't *know* the woman behind it but i *love* her already. i can't fully explain it. i risk sounding like a gushy teen admiring her favorite celebrity - call it idol worship if you wish - but the fact remains that i adore the woman's works and the woman herself! from those rich photographs to the simple yet heartfelt words in her stories and poetry, i simply adore it all. i am grateful for the handpicked websites - links to worlds that i never imagine existed. they nourish my artist's soul, hungry for too long. my favorites so far are snozbery's (sharp!), sark's (soft :-), andrea's blogs (sensational!). also adore uncommon things (cool stuff), 100words (clever idea) and one minute vacations (another winner).

but my favorite reason of all for loving jen's site mucho-much is because many times, she is able to put into perspective a lot of tangled up thoughts in my sometimes tangled up brain in a manner so pure and simple that i always end up telling myself: "aha! so that's what it is. now why didn't i think of that?!"

as for the photographs, ahhh. every single one is a gem! one can tell that the photographer of those pix put heart and soul into it. like her words and hand-picked quotes, a lot of them speak volumes to me of stories whispered from one woman's heart to another...gently...respectfully...lovingly.

there are more treasures yet to be discovered. i always look forward to coming back...over and over...

may jen continue to post her succulent stuff and may this wild woman continue to burn deliciously bright for us all.

and yes, i always get my fill of eye, mind, heart and soul candy whenever i visit.

want a bite? go to or simply click on the title above. bon a petit!

Here's my favorite blogger and cyberpal ~
jen gray, pure and simple.

photo taken w/ permission from archives

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