Saturday, November 05, 2005

what the bleep do we know

finally got to watch the movie last night
after waiting
for the one and only copy at rogers
for two whole weeks
apparently, it's a big favorite
"it's the most asked for video now."
store clerk adds
oh, yeah?
so why the bleep do you only have ONE COPY?
i was just thinking that
i didn't actually say it out loud
then there was a part in the movie
that featured the experiment
of one japanese scientist
Dr. Masuro Emoto
whose name i first became familiar with
through the blog of one of my favorite cyberartists,
Andrea Scher
which made me do a double take
on the thoughts i so carelessly form
in my watery brain
my watery head
my watery body

the million dollar question being:
if thoughts can do that to water,
imagine what it can do to US!

thanks for the reminders bleep guys.

thus my thoughts from me to you...


what the bleep do i know?
more today than yesterday, that's for sure!

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