Sunday, November 28, 2004

Oona's Art Day

My two year old daughter has once again managed to express herself on the freshly painted living room walls.

"Oona! No drawing on the walls!" I yell in my loud, Mommy-in-charge voice.

She looks up at me with those innocent eyes.

"Don't wowy, Mommy. Don't wowy, Mommy.” she says over and over.

I am stifling a smile as best I could. She sounds so sweet I just want to hug her. But I prevail since it’s disciplining time. She sees I am not budging from my firm-mommy stance and therefore, ups the ante.

"I'm sowee, Mommy." almond-doe eyes cast down, feigning remorse.

Uh-oh. That one’s got to work. Mommy-in-charge face melting away fast.

"It's okay, honey. Come. Give Mommy a kiss and huggabug..." my eyes are closed, lips puckered, ready to receive the sweetest kiss from the little angel.

No kiss.
No hug.
I open my eyes.
No child.

Little angel is off and running. I bet she's considering self-expression on the kitchen wall next.

My great, young artist ~ Oona, on her 2nd b-day, Nov. 28, 2004

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