Monday, December 27, 2004


“As I look back on my life, one of the most constant and powerful things I have experienced is the desire to be more than I am at the moment ---an unwillingness to let my mind remain in the pettiness where it idles --- a desire to increase the boundaries of my self ---a desire to feel more, learn more, express more --- a desire to grow, improve, purify, expand. I used to interpret this inner push as meaning that there was some one thing out there that I wanted to do or be or have. And I have spent too much of my life trying to find it. But now I know that this energy within me is seeking more than the mate or the profession or the religion, more even than pleasure or power or meaning . It is seeking more of me; or better, it is thank God, releasing more of me.
From Notes To Myself by Hugh Prather

"More Of Me"...
~ and nine months pregnant with Oona
October, 2002

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