Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My All-Time Favorite Link

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I "met" Jen almost a year ago.

Jen is real, raw, soft, hard, sunshine, rain, a blizzard, a breath of fresh air and more. She is the intensity of the seasons all rolled up into one wonderful angel being. She loves kindness because she has got one of the biggest, kindest hearts herself.

She inspired me to start this blog. Truth be told, she saved me. There I was, drowning in my own victim-inspired hole full of negativity, desperate for anything positive for a change. Then one day, I chanced upon her website, thanks to SARK (another angel being) who listed Jen's note-worthy site on her newsletter.

Jen has an uncanny way of putting into words heart-things tangled up deep inside. If I'm feeling it nowadays, you bet Jen's writing about it and feeling it too. I believe it's her super-sensitivity that helps her connect with me, with us. Yup, there are a lot of us loyal Jen fans out there.

It's been almost a year since and her website still touches me with as much kindness, love, passion.

There is not one photo posted here that does not have Jen's spirit in it. I got my Canon Digital Rebel 300D (I just love it!) because of her. Everytime I post, I think about the muse who help start it all and say to myself, "I wonder if Jen would like this...".

Jen Gray, thank you. For saving me then. For saving me now.

Simply put, you inspire me.


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