Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Season's Change

Image hosted by
Autumn's Red Glory, Boyd Park

It may come with the season's change

The falling of the leaves
May just be bringing about
The peeling away of layers

I feel the need to strip

To peel off the unwanted parts
The useless bits and pieces of me
That I no longer have any use for

I feel the need to strip

To expose the glorious parts of me
That have remained cloaked in shame for too long
Do I have what it takes to have the Light shine on Me?

I feel the need to strip

It's been a long time coming
The message loud and clear
The voice of Instinct must be heeded
Lest one endures more of the shadow pain

"You are only as sick as your secrets."
A wise woman shared with me today
Her courage, faith and vulnerability prevail
I can only hope to have my time come


It may just come

With the season's change

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