Tuesday, April 25, 2006

gypsy in my soul

gypsy in my soul, originally uploaded by iKat Kreations.

you ask?

because you threw it all away one day a long time ago.
because you chose to be a coward instead of following your heart.
because you chose the safe path instead of the road less travelled.
because you did not listen to the cry of the spirit, the ache in your soul.

and so now you anguish over what is
you say it has no connection to the past
but what you are beginning to see
is that it is all connected to it
it is your present because of it
it will be your future
if you continue with those choices above

learn courage
learn to listen
learn here
learn now

and learn to cry no more.


Anonymous said...

Halu gypsy mumzy!!!!! I miss you so much! one more month to go! YAHOOOOOO!!!!

Sonia said...

Beautiful poem! Love the image, too!