Friday, May 27, 2005

Hello Diary

I remember the very first time. I recall looking around the store at all the different books, stationery, and fine little Hello Kitty things that were the most precious posessions to an eleven year old girl. Then, right there in the center of the display counter it lay. Hard-bound, red and white, a drawing of a wide eyed girl in pig-tails in a baseball outfit. Written in bold red letters right in front were the words "Hello Diary".

Hello, Diary, indeed! It was the one. My very first. My fingers were shaking as I took it from the shelf. I opened it and touched the smooth pages of white lined with red. My diary. My new best friend. My confidant and keeper of secrets. It took all of my restraint to keep me from bolting out the door right there and then and finding a quiet corner to begin my journey with My Diary. Of course I had to line up and pay for it first.

It's been twenty plus years and twenty plus journals since that fateful day. My husband complained the last time we moved. There were more boxes of books, notebooks and my precious journals than there were furniture or clothes. I admit. I have a fetish for anything book or paper. But for good reason. My love for journalling helped develop my love for books and vice versa. My writing has also improved ever since I started scribbling into my diary. My state of mind is always better after a good writing session. I could be in the fowlest of moods and all I have to do is hunker down and start pouring my heart and soul out into the pages. Minutes later, I am breathing easy again. And with the advent of journaling technology, we now have the neater, easier to access, light-on-shipment-and-storage fees blog. I can almost hear my husband cheering somewhere.

There is magic in journaling. It is creative. It is a release. It helps put things in perspective. It helps clarify intentions and therefore speeds up manifestation. Best of all I love journaling because it is healing.

I still have that very first one in storage somewhere. When I get the chance I am going to pay tribute to her (I'd like to think it's a girl.;-) and post a photo here one day. For now, I share my present favorite journal with you.

Happy journaling!

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My favorite journal, "Red" with big sister "Apple" Canon 300D

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Anonymous said...

Hello Chiqui,

I tried to call you once but you were at your sister's place. Miss the chats with you. Hope all is well.