Monday, May 09, 2005

Wow Days...Fulfilled

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Sunset, WhiteSandBeach, Boracay

There was God-glorious-sunshine, salt water and pure, sugary white sand beaches
And sunsets that brought the most breathtaking lights
And seafood that brought the most orgasmic sighs
And starry nights that brought back dreamy distant places

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L-R (grown-ups) Jack & Kat Azimi, TonyPet & Leslie Albano, Joey Pineda
(kids) Joshim, Oona & Solomon Azimi

There was family whom I've missed so much
And laughs and chats and bonding over fruit shakes and buffet breakfasts
And checking out pearls, picking trinkety joyful things along the beach walk
And getting a henna tattoo that cost just a little too much (it stains the damn hotel sheets.)

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Henna Tattoo Station

Although punctuated by tiny whiny cries from three tiny whiny creatures
In all it was still magical

And I am divinely grateful once more.

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