Friday, September 23, 2005

Alleanda Pineda Albano

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Andy, 7 months in utero

I had tears in my eyes
I saw your picture for the very first time
I just couldn't believe it
My very own 'baby' sister's baby
Her very own flesh and blood
Her very own heart and soul
Growing inside her bulging belly

Andy for short.

This early I can sense your sweet yet spunky spirit

Two more months and here you'll be

Will you have your mommy's smile?
Will you have your mommy's moods?!
Will you have her quiet strength
And loving sensitivity that goes on and on and on
And when you think it's not at all
Humanly possible to have any more
There she is giving it so openly and generously over and over again

Andy, you are one blessed baby
To have a mommy like the one you do
I know this because
Even though she calls me Ate (big sister)
She has mothered me in so many ways
And the beauty of it all
Is that it always comes so naturally, so gently, so lovingly
In a way only she can give
Which I believe is what will make your Mommy Leslie
The best mommy you could ever have

Your Daddy Pet will be your knight in shining armour
Ever so lovingly protective of his little princess
Giving you his words of wisdom
Teaching you things only a dad's heart can teach
I have witnessed this with my own eyes
The way he has given his heart to my own princess Oona
And treated her like his own
Oh how she loves her Tito Pet


A blessed baby indeed.

I love you already.

Butterfly kisses, my darling girl.

Tita Chiqui

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Daddy Pet and Mommy Leslie with My Baby, JoshimBall
Shangrila Mall, Manila

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