Sunday, September 11, 2005

Where do we go from here?

Twin Roofs, Boracay Island

Things just seem so petty and unimportant
When seen in the light of the recent disaster
And on the fifth anniversary of 9/11
It can't be any bleaker than this

Andrea was right when she said it.
And I thank her for sharing this link

It's just sad.
So very sad.

Many times I wonder
Where do we go from here?
Hope just seems so hard to find
The looks of fear and uncertainty in people's eyes are too hard to ignore
Either that or I'm mirroring my own

But life goes on
As it always does
And after crying tears of sympathy
After giving what I can
I find myself back in my daily routine

Of taking care of the home
Of taking care of my own

If only a bit more grateful
That we are where we are
And a bit more responsible
For what I have here and now

Peace and Blessings

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