Thursday, December 15, 2005

The best ever

Meeting Andygirl for the very first time
Photo by Patrick Frias

I just had the best three-week vacation of my life
Thanks to a husband willing and brave enough
To take care of two small children
And the generous and blessed help of my in-laws:
Momoni and Babajaan, Aunt Badaw and Uncle Mikee, Uncle Joe and Aunt Mimi

And all for a very special visit
To my new angel niece, Andytot
And brand new mommy, Mumzyluvy Leslie!

The trip was a 30-hour long, excruciatingly painful flight -
No thanks to two stop overs and snowed-in delays
A butt-numbing experience to say the least
Especially with a 29-pound giant baby strapped on my lap

But all was worth it when I reunited with my beloved family
And met up for the very first time with my one-week-old niece
Precious princess who made my three weeks of pure magic possible

It was a glorious and God-favored visit
Short but super-dee-dooper fun as Joshim's favorite pat, Barney would put it
In alliance with my dear brother-in-law, TonyPet
(Whom I should simply call "brother" from this point on *wink*)
We planned an elaborate surprise
Which included a pre-birthday dinner for Pet
"And by the way 'Tito Frank from Las Vegas' will be joining us"


The next few blogs
Will be an attempt at sharing and describing and reminiscing about
Just how magical a vacation can be
When visiting angels and
Being reunited with the ones you miss and love...

Pure bliss!

and blessings in abundance

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