Friday, December 23, 2005

I love you, Mom

Dad*Mom, Dinner w/ the family at Penang Hill, Greenhills, during our visit to Andygirl, Nov. 2005

Happy belated birthday to you, Mommylove!

I'm a week late which is nothing compared to a month late
Jack's birthday was last November 10 and nada, nothing, eh!, wala
Not even a peep about it on here.
Hmmm...I wonder why that was
We must have been "busy" (read:grumpy?) at that time
Speaking of grumpy
How's Dad doing?
Woops, I love you too, Daddy.
I better behave at baka hindi dumating "hulog"
Para X'mas(bday, valentine, etc!)
gift ko.

Hello, are we in a jollygood ribbing mood today.
I just hope my parents think my attempt at
A comic routine here
Is amusing enough.

Ehem, seriously now, Mommydearest
May this year be your best one yet...
And many more grandkids (and grand deals) to come!
Er...but not from me their not! Go Leslie Go!
Joey, haboooooool!

I miss you and Daddy so much.
And I miss our fun family dinners, too.

Remember this one?

Think of me on your next bite of yummy rotti at Penang Hill, k?
(With compliments to Pet and Les for introducing me to it the heavenly bread last time)

My cute bro, Randy with me and Joey

Thai FriedFishhead...yum, not! Hey, who ordered that anyway?

Joeygirl and bro-to-be, Pat

Les & Pet having fun with some balls....hmmm...

And more balls...

Tadah! Cute, Pet. Let's see what Andy thinks of Daddy now...

"Eew, Daddy. You look silly. Teeheeheee!"

Joey, Myself and Mom feeding Andytot some of MumzyLesy's Thaifood-flavored milk

"I love you, Tita Chiqui...Love you, too, my sweetangel Andygirl. Sleep na yan baby na yan..."

"I need to let some spicymilk out, help me, MamaGramma.....buuuuuuurp! Ahhhhh...yes. Teynks!"

Love you, Mom.

Hope you enjoyed this little picture show I made especially for you.

Always, your all-time favorite eldest girl,


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