Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Orchid from Mom's Collection, Leslie's Garden, North Greenhills

I took this photo, which in my opinion, is as stunning as a flower can be, *cough.cough.sputter* while on one of my morning walks with Joshim. It was part of our little ritual which included breakfast, visiting the dogs, getting some sunshine on our walk to the vegetable garden down the street, picking a few flowers from the sidewalk, bath-bath, story and tickle time. Kids really thrive on routines and boy, did our Joshimboy love his. He'd nap contentedly after all this and wake up to lunch with Gigi, his favorite girl and first-ever nanny since he was a wee tiny tot on our last visit in February.

Daghan salamat, ga! Next time, sama ka na sa amin ha. I think I just heard Joeygirl and Mom shrieking in disagreement. Hahaha!

Of course, Mommy and Tita Leslie and occassionally, Joey, would be off shopping somewhere fabulous...and tiangge cheap if possible, in the afternoons. That was the Sisterhoods little routine.

Beautiful orchid, isn't it? Makes me miss the warm, tropical weather - and my family - all over again. Bootoodledeehoo. Hikbi!

Okay lang. My routine visit - which will include a fabulous wedding, by the way, will be here before we know it. Yay!

See you again, soooooooon!!!


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