Thursday, December 15, 2005

Specimens of a Surprise

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We gotcha good!
Photo by TonyPet Albano

Saying goodbye at the airport...and the 30-hour journey begins Photo by Bahar Azimi

One of Joshim's favorite things: "Eplen!" at the HK airport. Three more hours to go. Yay!

Giant baby on Mommy's lap. "Ouchy bum-bum!"

We finally arrive at our destination. Tip-toeing toward the house. Shhhh!

Joshimboy and I appear. Surprise!

"'re here!!!"

" yooooooo, Mumzies!"

More happy tears. Hooray for family and the Sisterhood! Papa Grandpa finally figures it all out. :-)

A dazed but happy and freshly showered baby with Tito Pet

A dazed but happy and freshly showered SLEEPY baby with Tito Pat..."Dede peese..."

...more later folks!

Time to sleep off my jetlag.

Love and blessings in abundance, always.


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Red Sonja said...

Such moving photos - thanks for sharing :)