Friday, December 23, 2005

I love snail mail...especially when they come in big boxes!

So there I was, sitting quietly at the dining table, writing my holiday cards, when an almost obnoxious, hurried rapping on the door startles me out of my Christmas-y reverie:


Who the heck is knocking so loudly at this time, my very sacred coffee break, too.

I get up, put on my Breathe/Yoga Girl apron (I was not decent enough so I had to cover up my see-through shirt, lest I shock some stranger with my tasadays, mwahahaha!)

I look into the peep hole and see a man. It's the super. Or he looked like the super. Turns out he isn't. Sheesh, I should always check before opening this darn door or I may be in super-big trouble. Grrr.

Turns out there's a package for me. Yay. I wasn't expecting any orders so this was a lovely surprise.

"Dis yur nem?" gruff heavily-accented moustachio ExpressPost man blurts out. He is in a rush.

"Yes." my eyes on the package as I reached out to grab it. He almost shoves it into my hand.

He is off even before I can say "Thank you."

Man, is he in a big hurry today. Must be a lot of hholiday packages going around.

I take the box to my place on the dining table and open it fast. What could it be? Who could it be from? It's heavy. Could it be...could it be...

A book! Oh, joy! A book. A big book! And not just some ordinary book but a Play!Book. and Journal. By SARK!

If anybody knows me well enough, they'd know that I would take books over clothes or shoes or even jewelry anyday. Of course, it would have to be the size of the university library...but I digress.

It's a book from Cecile! She asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year and I told her. It may have taken a while, but hey, I am a patient woman. And the surprise was luuuvly! The card said:

"A creative gift for a highly creative person. I knew you've been waiting for this."

Thanks, dearest Cecilia. You certainly made my day. I am 90% sure it's from didn't sign your name on the card so it could also be from my guardian angel. Hmmm.

Gruff-knocks forgiven.

Oh. I did thank the ExpressPost guy. Via the concierge. Caught him just before he stepped out of the building.

SARK's Journal and Play!book Yummmmy!!!

Wishing you fun surprises in the snail mail this holiday season and always.

Now, where was I...ah, my holiday cards.




stacey said...

hi big sis, just wanted to let you know i was here. merry christmas to you and yours. love you big.

Red Sonja said...

OMG!! I gave this book to CaliforniaPoppy only the other day as a thank you gift for looking after my pets while I was away :)

You two can compare notes ;)

Looks very yummy - hope you enjoy it!

iKat said...

yup! missed this, too. =(

a very belated merry holidays, musiluv!

hope it was merry enough to make you 'remember' how wonder*full you really are!


iKat said...

SuperSonj, yummy as can be, indeedy!

I shall mention it to Poppy one of these days. That would be Gabby, right?