Sunday, July 17, 2005

Patrick's Tricks

I just learned how to do this:

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Thanks to my brother-in-law-to-be, Patrick Frias.

Pat takes the coolest, and I mean THE coolest photographs.
I adore how he photographs my kids.
I admire his ultra-natural nature shots.
I am inspired by his corks, peppers, leaves, glass distortions.
I marvel at how his eye takes in the simple and turns them into the spectacular just by the click-click-click of his shutter.
Most of all, I am blest by his generosity and willingness to share what he knows.

In all, he is one awesome artistic dude.

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Patrick, Regency, Boracay

I just love generous teachers.
Am I lucky to have him as my photo/mentor.
Even luckier to have him as a brother!

Thanks, bro.

Hey, let me know if you wanna learn this trick, too.

Yours in creative generosity,

1 comment:

lily said...

ya!!!! i want to learn! i'm a fan of tito pat too... and of course mumzy's! luv ya!;)