Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy Holiday Day Today

Kids being kids...on the way to watch Narnia movie with Baba
Canon 300D

I haven't written in...forever!

What's my excuse? Nothing! I was just plain lazy to write.

This whole holiday season blitz is making me so tired.
Well, now that it's over - thank goodness - life can go back to normal.
(Normal...hmmm...what's that, I still haven't figured out.)

I remember my parents saying that Christmas was for kids
And I used to think - bah! what a kj (kj=kill joy) thing to say naman.
Now that I'm the parent I understand.
The holiday spirit tends to get lost for us adults
In the horrible traffic and the fights over parking
At the mall where everybody magically
Appears two days before Christmas day!

So what was there to really enjoy during the season of giving
Hmmm...let me think about that
There were the gifts
Some I liked and needed, others just plain clutter
One I loved to bits! (Thanks, Dad!)
The visits with the families
Some I liked and needed, others just plain clutter.
Kidding! I was kidding.
(No I wasn't.) =)

Oh, I got one!
The fact that people are nicer
Whether they are for real
Or just mimicking everyone else
For the sake of the holidays
Just the same I believe that by the sheer volume
Of folks actually saying the words
"Merry" or
"Happy" or
"Joy to the World!"
The very thing is created.

If it were up to me
I'd make up a law stating
That everyday was a holiday
Then everyone would have to say
Happy Holiday Day to you today!
(Hmmm...that sounded quite redundant, didn't it?
Must still be in recuperating mode)
Then everyone would start acting happy-happy
And everyone would actually get happy-happy
Get it?

As long as we didn't have to do
The shopping bits
Too magastos
And the visiting the families bits
Too magastos!
(And I'm not only speaking monetarily here!)
Ack, if my in-laws ever read this, I'm *bleeped*!
Oh, well.
Part of my New Year's Resolutions.
To be bolder and more honest with my writing.
Maybe actually get people to read and comment
On my blog for a change.

(Now if only I could get over the fear of
My in-laws of the "cluttery" kind
Being the one to comment
On what they actually thought
Of me! Yikes!!!)

*insert shrieks here*

By the way,


P.S. Of course, the real KIDS had a great time. Thanks to all the in-laws for all the goodies. Ahem!I better post before the guilt monster gets a hold of this!

Thanks you! Thank you! Ang babait ninyo, THANK YOU!

You all know I was just kidding, right?

(No, I wasn't...Shhhhhh! already.)

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