Friday, August 26, 2005

Not-so-desperate housewife

It's easy to get overwhelmed.
Really, it is.

Just one look around the house
Can bring a person to murderous thought
Don't even try to mention the laundry
That would actually bring a person to commit murder
Okay. Okay.
I promise to limit my crimes to swatting flies
And vacuuming bugs

I had to learn it the hard way
Growing up spoiled and all
I tried different things
There's the work-til-you-drop technique
Which only made me, yes, drop
I tried the forget-about-the-work technique
Which only made me think about it more
Because it was staring me in the face all day long

Then there was Fly Lady

Yes, the Fly Lady a.k.a Marla can be bossy
She can be anal-retentive
(What with the lace-up shoes and shiny sink theories)
But, hey, try it before you judge it
It just might be the one for you.

God knows it works for me.

I still have a messy house every now and then.
Okay, more like every now and NOW.
But I know that there's hope.
Because I have actually experienced "flying".
And yes, my sink has shone so bright
I could see my smiling reflection on it

As long as I don't have to do the shoes.

Sweaty feet.

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