Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Yumwich a la Les

I did it, Les!

Your chicken sandwich recipe is always a hit with the family.
Nice and simple and fast and delicious.
I added a touch of this and that...
Today I chose to put in some red bell peppers and green apples
(you can add whatever looks like fun ingredients for the moment and it'll still taste good)

Yum, yum, yum!

Jack now requests to always have some ready in the fridge
And Sol can finish two in one sitting - without the crust please.

Thanks so much, my dear, dear MumzyLesluveee, for the ChixSand a la Leslie recipe...

...and the Roast Chicken with Herbs recipe, and the Teriyaki Beef with Sesame Seeds recipe, and the Taco Salad recipe and the Adobo with Coconut Cream recipe...and the list goes on and on which I love!
(I'd be happy to share the recipes if you like them. E-mail me. Part of my gratitude thing for simply being able to cook, finally!:-)

I'm so lucky to have sisters who love to cook and share what they know!

I remember the days of garlic pies, crunchy potatoes and bloody chicken roasts
which I served my poor husband who was then my boyfriend.
It must have been true love for him to have stuck around.
That and a lot of dinners out.
(Thank goodness for CPK!)

But that's another tale for another time. ;-)

Thank you so much, Mumzylove. I miss you...and your cooking, too!

Original Chicken Sandwich a la Mumzy Leslie

in a bowl:(measure according to taste)
chicken breast
salt & pepper
& a dash chili powder...for that extra zing!

steam or boil your chicken with some salt, pepper and bay leaves.
cut up in nice, bite size chunks. throw in the rest of the ingredients.
mix, mix, mix and serve with the following:

add on sand:

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