Sunday, August 14, 2005

Yoohoo, PapaGrandpa!

It was exactly one year ago

I started this blog with a bday poem for my dear Daddy
This time I'm posting a bday photo collage for him
Featuring his "paborito" grandson, Joshim
Who he fondly calls Hoisin (as in sauce) every now and then

Hope you like it, Daddy dearest
I'm sure you're missing his early morning visits
Of raiding your fridge and sloppy kisses
And throwing his fits
Whenever he doesn't get what he wants right away
Which grandma and grandpa lovingly oblige to, always

It's been a very challenging "reprogramming" session
With putting back the proper boundaries in place
Thanks to the Grandma and Grandpa, hmpft!
He just gave me a nice, tiny bite on my arm the other day
Which hurt not in a tiny way!

We were shopping at IKEA and he wanted to walk around by himself
Which is not a very good idea around the bowls and glass section of the store
So I put him in his stroller which of course he hated
He cried and kicked and wailed and BOOM
He gave me a good bite on my forearm

It's been almost a week and the bruise is still here
It's a nice, round, reddish brown mark from the little love of my life
Who happens to have quite a mood (Ahem, just like our b-day papa, anyone wanna say emen?! LOL)
And a very big bite to go with it!
Now I don't know about this being just like papa...let's ask MamaGrandma.

Uh...I better end this now.
The thoughts in my head are beginning to gross me out.


I love you, Daddy!
This one's for YOU.
Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY again. ;-)

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I love you, Papa! ~ Joshim your ever yummy Hoisin Sauce

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