Friday, January 20, 2006

Sunshiny Precious Bits on My Rained Out Birthday Parade

Words to come back to when things are not so bright and shiny in my world.

My deepest, biggest THANK YOUS to all who gave these wonderful (read: uber ego booster) comments.

(Edited for content/privacy of authors)

From my cyberpals and friends-to-be all over the world:

Your formal intro. mamakat is by far the most bodasciously
suculent, funny, honest, long thought about post I have come
across in the 3 months I have been living here.
You are very most welcome in my book. doesn't it feel impowering
to out our faults, shortcommings, and insecurities. Bless you (in the
spiritual sence) and your beautiful family.

I just love you! You were one of the very first pple on the *** to welcome me way back when. You radiate kindness and love in your posts and pics.
I am always in awe of pple with rich roots as I myself dont really in comparison. It's like a multifaceted jewel person.

Thank you for sharing so much about you and your family!!! You've always been welcome here you know ~ The pictures are great....I simply LOVE the one of your entire family. Everyone looks so natural and so happy!

mamakat! You are beautiful, honest, intelligent, hilarious, positive, succulent and have a gorgeous happy family.
Please come to my ***.

Darling i-mamakat
you know i adore you muchos
and DANG i loved reading your introduction
so freaking succulent and awesome and inspiring
just the way i know you!
hey, can we be snaily friends?
lots of love,

Hiya Mama-Guns... just wanted to pop in and give your bio a nod (altho through the *** I've already had a chance to experience your glow) *** Keep being you, miss dishing with you on a regular basis, oh and wear red often that photo of you in the red gown was oo... la... la...

Mmmmmmmmmm..... What a delightful taste of MamaKat-ness!!! (((((((Kat))))))) You are so beautiful, inside and out... And I have a sneakin' feelin' that you're going to set the world on fire this year. And I can't wait to see it.

wow ~ how wonderful that you were brave and put yourself "out there". your spirit dances with such energy! your family is absolutely beautiful. that picture of you all together is stunning - so filled with love
thank you for introducing yourself as there are soooooooooooooo many people here, i know sometimes people feel like they get lost. bravo to you for taking charge and wanting to reach out.
i look forward to getting to know you better.

You are really, really beautiful and this thread made me smile deeply and warmly.

I have that Tank watch too!!! You rock!
Mamakat is VERY TALENTED. I recall her photos previously - I accidentally had mistaken them for another photographer. She is VERY TALENTED!
I grew up with many Filipino friends - so I'm very familiar with the culture. I always loved my friend Ann's mom - she would cook lumpia just for me - and she'd always say "Kat-er-yn, when are you going to learn to make lumpia for yourself?" She was so damn cute. And... she was a nurse!
Anyhow, thanks for sharing. Mamakat ROCKS!

Hi MamaKat!
I have had your blog bookmarked for a while and I enjoy peeking in. You are beautiful, warm, and inspiring. I loved reading your intro- I'm so glad you posted it!
Love from RAE

gorgeous, it's sooo good to see you!
Folks, I had the pleasure of seeing (and hearing) Kat at ***
and let me tell you, this woman can belt out a song!
*** don't let her go till she sings for her supper.
It's wonderful to connect with you again, Kat; hoping we can get together at the ***, you owe me a hug bigtime, babe!
an smooches to you and your gorgeous family, Roni xoxo

Thank you for taking the leap and posting all about your wonderful self!
I loved reading all about you ... you have a very fun and captivating writing style
Maybe one of these days I'll follow your lead, throw caution to the wind and put myself out there too... you've given me some inspiration to be a bit bolder.

Lovely one.
I smile as I see the radiant bean you have become/are becoming.
Blessed Be,
VSD "skydancer42"

And I can't WAIT! You're already flying, MamaK.... I can't wait to see what you bring into being this year!

What a beautiful introduction!
Thank you for sharing all of
those beautiful pics and for
being brave and making the post!
I really enjoyed it and I believe
you look beautiful in your new job
at home too!

oh my goodness.
you are beautiful.
you are a wonderful writer and EXPRESSOR OF SELF.
expressor is a new word.
thank you for BRAVELY sharing.
it was fun getting to know you. i find you very interesting, colorful and courageous.
i like your latest look the best, btw...elle naturelle!!!

Ahhhh...the joy of friendships!!!

My heartfelt gratitude to all of you who care.

May I say with all sincerity that I will do my best to be here for you, and you and you
As I know now how important soulful connections are in this life!

Again, thank you for blessing me with those beautiful words



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