Thursday, January 12, 2006

Super Mom

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"Super Mom"
I refuse the title.
As much as I am tempted to grab it.
I am looking for trouble everytime I do so.
But lately I've been feeling really good about my SAHM (Stay-At-Home_Mom) self.
The house is tidy.
And I mean down to the Swiffered (miracle gadget) corners.
Thanks to
super cleaning products

The food is fresh.
No more left-over mania except for chicken sandwich spread. (Yes, from scratch!)
The kids are clean.
By 8 p.m.
It would really be useless to hose them down before that.

Something happened between 2001 and 2006.
It may have taken a long, and I mean looooong, time
But it was surely there
It was a most unnoticeable shift.
Like the glaciers melting in the North Pole.
By the way, can you believe this weather.
January is not even over yet and the snow is melting fast.

Clean house
Home-cooked food
Clean kids
Sanity still intact
The domestication procedure is finally complete

I shall claim my other title now
Not of Super Mom
But that of Domesticated Diva.
Thank you.
Scepter and crown optional.

That would be extra clutter to dust and polish.
Give me a couple days with the my super nanny, Carol, instead.

Hooray for transformational miracles such as these.


I love the smell of a clean house.
Oh how the floors sparkle.
Well-not really.
Sparkling floors would mean slippery surface.
Slippery surface would mean multiple bogs.
A bog is a bump usually found on the head.
{From Azimi Family Dictionary of baby terms.}

I am the Domesticated Diva in the flesh.
Bow to me and pay homage.

Or just babysit for me a couple hours, will ya?
Domesticated Divas need their beauty rest, too, you know.

Diva, circa 1996

Domesticated Diva, circa 2006


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