Monday, February 06, 2006

25 Reasons To Write

1. Because I'll forget.
2. For the sheer joy of looking at letters and words come together.
3. A very good excuse to touch paper.
4. A very good excuse to get more paper.
5. Because I explode/implode when I don't.
6. Because the kids have the most amazing utterances.
7. Because it is most fulfilling to hear someone say "your words touched me...".
8. Because I read others' writings and they do it so well.
9. To hear my family gush.
10. To hear my sisters laugh.
11. To leave a piece of me behind.
12. To keep my head on straight.
13. To breathe.
14. Because I've done it since I was ten and always felt it to be the most natural thing to do.
15. Because the piles of journals look so delectable.
16. To hear myself better.
17. To see myself more clearly.
18. To hold myself more closely, lovingly.
19. To connect with a higher Power.
20. Because if I don't, I feel constipated.
21. To make sense of the cacophony of jilted, jagged, jarring noises.
22. I've always known how.
23. It is my calling.
24. It is my telling.
25. It is mine.

Thank you, Maya for the idea.



Anonymous said...

...and I admire you SO MUCH for this gift. miss you lots mumzyluv! will see you very soon! yipee yay!! mwah mwah mwah!:)

iKat said...

YESYESYES! nyuknyuknyukteeheeheehee...LOVE2U, Mumzy and a BIGHUG2.