Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Step by step

Wacom tablet night-scribbles

A human being who wanders in the dark wanders nevertheless. The student learns even if he does not know that he is learning and thus, he might at last get quite excited about it. In winter, a tree collects food. People might think it is idle as they do not see that something is happening. Then in spring they see that buds. Only then do they believe it to be doing something.

There is a time of absorbing and a time of pouring out this bring us back to the doctrine: "Illumination has to come step by step as otherwise one would be overpowered by the experience."
Jalaluddin Rumi, mystical poet (1207-1273)



Bowds said...

and from darkness you promote me Paradise lost.
Though I know not why the darkness creeps, it does indeed. While I see not how the darkness ticks, it does indeed. While I feel not the darkness' grip, it does indeed. When you stand prepared with tapers and faith, the darkness is halted. When you shut you're eyes in fear, the darkness comes. me

Bowds said...

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