Sunday, February 26, 2006

Nothin Slickr Than My Flickr

I just recently discovered a whole new wonderful world called Flickr.

I've been using this photo server(?) for a while now but did not go "Pro" until last week. It's official. I am a Flickr Newbie-er.

It just made sense. I love taking photos and shoving showing them off to family and friends but have no time to print them so voila! The magic of digital photography and the internet put to good use.

Then I started poking around some more (now that I've invested some money, I might as well make the most of it) and WHOAAAAHA! My eyes teared, squinted, turned red, popped out of their sockets from looking at all the amazing photographs. My heart soared, my hairs stood, my soul took flight. Such beauty, such talent, such inspiration. Such envy.

I have a couple of favorites so far but only asked one's permission so I'm sharing his link with you. Go over there and swoon your heart out. You can thank me later by putting your swoony comments on mine too. Please and Thank You!


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