Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Kat

1. I am doing this at 1:50 p.m. while Sol is in SK, Oona is in the shower and Joshim is taking a nap.
2. I love lists...
3. and believe in the power of list-making.
4. I once made a list to have a house, a car and x hundred thousand in my bank account.
5. I got it all in one year.
6. All legally, all honorably, all good.
7. I have stopped doing serious listing since I became mommy to #2...
8. and now going back to it...
9. since I got a Life Coach, yay,Julie!!!
10. I started a major decluttering project two weeks ago
11. and it's still going on two weeks after.
12. I hate folding clothes, detest-abhor-barf at the idea of it.
13. Yay, I'm done. Now I'm thinking about my 100 things that has been on my To Do List forever!

Get to it already!

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Carol said...

Love you list. One question, though. What is a life coach?

Nicole said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen! I love lists too. That's really impressive that you accomplished all that in a year.

Happy TT! Mine are up :)

iKat said...

Hey, thanks! I KNOW. Even I couldn't believe it at first. Just goes to show that to think it is to create it...and if I may add to "list" it is to "bag" it for sure! Cheers, bella. - K. :-)

Killired said...

great list! i wish i had x-thousand dollars in my account right now!

my list is up: Killired: T13

iKat said...

Hi Carol! A life coach is a paid professional who kicks your butt into action when one is feeling pretty lazy and disorganized, which in my case, is v. often. LOL. Thanks for dropping by. ~ Kat

mar said...

I love lists! making my own and reading others' lists! my 13 are up!

iKat said...

Killired, let's both LIST IT fast!!! 10000000bazillion dollars. BTW, my list was in pesos at the $1=P50 exchange rate then. Drat! LOL

Kelly said...

Lists are very powerful.
I love them too and that is why I am addicted to the Thursday 13!

Happy Thursday!
Mine are up.
Diary of the Nello

monica said...

I love making lists!!!!

Mine are up!


ladydaria said...

Just wanted to pop in and welcome you to the Thursday Thirteen bunch!

Happy TT! :-) You'll find my 13 at:

Almost An Angel

Chickadee said...

At the strong urging of a friend, I started making lists and I can't believe the difference it has made in my life.

Right now I'm just making daily lists, I don't have the courage yet to make long-term lists yet. LOL.

My 13 are up.

Karen said...

Decluttering? What's that? *wink*

And you got a house, a car, and tons of money in one year?? Woot! You go girl!

Have a GREAT Thursday!

My TT is up.

Master Enigma said...

Welcome to Thursday 13's! I am also a great list guy. You do have a great looking blog. Glad I stopped by. You can read my 13 at

Janne said...

I like lists too. No money in the bank account, but I like lists ;)

Kimmy said...

Wow! I'm going to make a list of #4 and hope it comes true in 1 year. That's awesome!
My 13 are up!

Lena said...

Okay, you sound very together and that's intimidating.

You go! on #4 and #5! I actually did the same thing a few years ago. I bet you didn't spend all your $$ on Ebay like I did though!;)

#10 has been slow and steady ever since we moved into this house...2 years ago.:)

#12 I think I've made my feelings more than apparent on this.

Love the list! I'll add ya to my links & I'll be back for more.

Virenda said...

First let me thank you for visting my site and welcome to TT. :0) I'm a newbie myself, this is my second time doing TT.

I wish I was good at list making oh and sticking to a "plan". ~sigh~

Laundry is awful, the most hated chore ever!

On a quick side note I saw your profile and you are very pretty. :0) i'm also a mother of three, blogging is awesome when you get the chane to do it between yelling, arguing and doing things they shouldn't

Bowds said...

Hey Kat, Mines up now!
Here, I guess

If the link fails blame Blogger

iKat said...

oh my lard! i have to update my links soon or i may just get my ass kicked outta T13 (um, hi nicole!) faster than i can say WHOOOOOHOOOOO! thanks for all the clicks and comments, guys. will be back soon. just have to do time with mini jail wardens. i think they want pancakes for breakfast. later, chicos y chicas!

Leanne said...

Hi Kat! Thanks for stopping over to see me! I am a listmaker too. In fact my hubby and I will be making new lists for our oh-so-structured days this weekend!

Your kids are adorable! :D

iKat said...

Kelly ~ TTholics, we are! LOL See you at next listing. ;-)

Kdubs ~ Which is why TT is just perfect...the fabulous ideas I've been getting. Wow!

Colleen ~ Kudos! to your friend who got you into list-making. Worry not about the long-term version. It will come naturally chocolate! Gawd, I'd have done the exact same thing, heh. Nobody wants to see Reese's cups go to waste. And, oh, what a gorgeous orchid that is on your blog. Just gaaaaaaargeese! ;-)

JK :) said...

I never thought I'd enjoy making lists, and every week at that! It's like my escape from the stressful life I'm having.

Happy weekend :)