Friday, February 17, 2006

Some New Fun Favorites

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Roses from My Hubby Valentine, Jack

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Tulips from Marge a.k.a. My BFG

My new favorite blogging girls ~



Check them out and see what I'm saying.

Fun, fun, fun!!!

Thank you, Leanne, for the floral inspiration among other things.
Thank you, Lena, for always making me laugh and think!
Thank you, Jack and Marge, for my valentine flowers and for being my best buds.

Thank you, for dropping by!

Happy weekend!

Gratefully yours,


1 comment:

Lena said...

You're such a sweetheart. Thank you for the kind words. I always smile when I see your name because I know you're going to make my day!

BTW, your photography is AMAZING. I am going to go through all your pics when I can savor them. :)