Friday, February 03, 2006

Sticky On Contact

Gooey Gluey Stuff, Kids' Art Supply
Canon 300D

Sniff. Sniff.

Cough. Cough. Cough.


"Mommyeeeeeeee! Sipon." Sipon is Filipino for snot. The kids say it with a lilting tone so it comes out as say-pon instead of the flowing seepon of the vernacular.

It started with one. And on to another. And another. Our home was a cacophony of jagged coughing and sniffling sounds punctuated with shrieks for "Mommyeeeeeeee!" every two seconds.

And the eeky-gooey-sticky monster has finally caught up with me. After three whole weeks of dodging it, while I confidently declared yet again to my demise, how healthy this momma is --- not!, it grabbed a hold of me and hasn't loosened its grip since that fateful day of J's return from Spain. I find it pretty amazing how the body (or God, or the Say-pon monsters know just when to hand it to you. Just when it was okay for me to buckle, just when there was someone, thank heavens, to help take care of the little ones, I got it. Hard.

Hello cold-winter-month bug. Hello body aches and pains. Hello endless boxes of tissue and snot rags all over the place.

It is not nice. Hell it is a nuisance and a theif! It robs you of your precious energy. And my sanity threatens to jump ship yet again.

Ahhh, yes.

I feel another test of the wills coming.

Bring it on, Universe

I say


My answer to the Sticky Monster:

*Insert deranged laugh here*



Bowds said...

Oh I hope you feel better, the little ones neeeed you! Have a good getting-well period, let me know how it pans out!

iKat said...

oh ya sweet boyou, thanks bud! everything is back on cruise control. halleluiah! :-)