Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sol In Love

Sol, 5 years old

He was three when they first met. Next door neighbors to our summer home in Hampton. When I finally reached out and said "Hello!" they were inseperable. Alfie was six then. That was 2004. Every afternoon, soon as the sun set, they'd be out playing. Tag, hide & seek, bike rides, plastic car rides. Then we had to leave for Canada. It was a whole year before we went back again.

This time things were different. Alfie's mom, Me-Anne and I noticed it immediately. There were LQs (lover's quarrels) and demands as one would say "I told you to wait for me here and you left. Why did you do that?" and the other replied with a solemn "I'm sorry." in tones so hurt you'd think there was betrayal going on.

Sol and Alfie. Inseperable. For one whole summer vacation. Until it was time to leave again.

This time, Sol was different. I think it's what people call Puppy Love. Corny as it may sound, it has brought not a few tears to this sentimental and corny Mom's eyes. Here are just a few of the things my son has shared with me, in all earnestness that his five year old heart can hold:

"Mommy, I made a song. It's for Alfie." And proceeds to sing this heart-felt rendition of words so sweet and cute - "If you wanna come with me you must come over, if you wanna come with me you do the dance...". Words could not describe the delight, the pleasure, I felt when he first sang the love song to me. No, there was no jealousy on my part. Instead there was a kind of pride only mommies know of. I still have the song recorded on my phone where it will stay for a very long time.

And every day or two thereafter, the declarations of devotion and longing from our little man:

"Mommy, you know who I miss a whole lot in Manila? (serious pause) Alfie."

"I had a dream last night, Mom. Alfie was here and we were playing in the park."

"When are we going back home to Manila, Mommy? I want to give her these books already."

"Can we mail some stuff to Alfie?"

"Here, Mom, I drew another picture for Alfie. Can you read it? It says I heart Alfie." (Drawing of boy and girl with hearts with arrows all over)

"How many more days, Mommy?"

"Can you stick this heart on my picture with Alfie, please?"

Sol & Alfie, May, 2005, Tita Leslie's Home, Greenhills

"I showed our picture to my classmates, Mom. Samuel said we should get naked together."
Without any trace of malice on his innocent face.

(Er, I think I need to have a talk with Samuel's mom.)

Last thing I heard Alfie's family will be moving to another home in another town. That would certainly break somebody's little heart since it's not going to be as easy to meet up. Oh, and yes, Alfie told my sister, Joey that she loves Sol, too.

Of course I told him right away. You should have seen the bashful yet overjoyed blush on my boy's face. It was simply kakakilig! I don't think I have the English equivalent for that one. The closest I could think of is tickled pink. But it just doesn't do. I guess some things are meant to be experienced more than retold.

My little boy is in love. I could not be any prouder or kilig! I believe we've got some Valentine cards to make and mail soon.


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