Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen


(Pick 1 or 13...thanks, y'all, in advance for sharing! :-)

1. How do you know which topic/idea/issue to blog about for the day?
2. How do you prepare for blogging?
3. How long before you started your own blog? I know someone who "researched" for four years, FOUR years! I, on the other hand, took one look at Jen's blog and started mine the very next day. Talk about taking the leap!
4. Do you ever delete blogs that you've already posted?
5. Regrets?
6. What's your favorite topic to blog about?
7. Who do you think reads your blog?
8. Do you feel the need to blog everyday?
9. Do you ever want to quit?
10. What was the best comment you've ever received?
11. The worst?
12. Who's your all-time favorite blogger? Why?
13. Do you think it's important to have your own website or is blogger/livejournal/etc. just fine?

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Ann said...

1. I think about what happens of intersest each day, and talk about that. Also if something is on my mind, I will dredge that up.
2. Nothing much, just take what I've chosen in my mind, and just write.
3. I found out about blogs and started one. No research.
4. Sometimes I deleted things, but only rarely.
5. No real regrets.
6. I like to blog about funny things the kids do.
7. Other stay at home types, and people I met over at blogster.
8. I blog when I want to. If that's every day, more than once a day, or only 2 times that week, that's how it goes.
9. Nope
10. Not sure.
11. Never gotten a very bad comment, or at least nothing I let bother me.
12. No all time favorites- I have people I enjoy reading, but there is no one in particular who comes to mind.
13. Anything is fine.

My 13 are up. Happy TT!

Chickadee said...

In regards to topics for my blog...sometimes I'll plan a topic and write it up in advance and other times, the topics will just spontaneously appear.

I didn't research blogs too much. I read blogs for about a week and then decided to create my own. I learn as I go and my attitude is is that this is MY online diary.

Good questions. If I get time, I'll come back and answer some more of your questions.

My 13 are up.

blog Portland said...

I plagiarize all my stuff. Which reminds me; don't read my blog tomorrow...

Virenda said...

Oh-Oh this is going to be fun. No one I know (besides Lena) cares about me and my blog. ~sigh~

1. I run a gossip site so IT chooses me really. Although I try to pick what I LIKE and be orginal about it.

2. I actually have a routine. I get my daughter ready for school, drop her off and then go through the drive thru starbucks get a Venti come home, put a movie on for the girls and spend an hour doing my thing. ~wink~

3. A few weeks after Lena did.

4. I have deleted posts yes. Sometimes late at night isn't the best time to blog.

5. Yes. It takes a lot more time than I thought and it occasionally drives me crazy. I love it so much it hurts.

6. Me..?... (Joking. Or am I?!)

7. Um I know someone in Moutain View, Ca does and that person WONT come forward. Be warned, I'm watching you....

8. Yeah I have too, except on weekends when I do it cause I want too. Weekends are meant just for me.

9. All the time

10. I've had a few of them. Anyone that says they like my blog. Today a friend said that my blog keeps getting better and better. that was an awesome one.

11.Oh someone called me stupid, mean, fat, and a lesbian. I'm thinking anon didn't like me....

12. Um, Lena. Cause she's the best and she makes me laugh.

13. I'm tired of blogger problems so having a website would suit me just fine, although I'm cool with blogger for now.

That's a cool TT idea and I hope that you answer your own questions.

Bowds said...

Hey Kat, sorry I've been absent.

1. I just get on there with something that I thought about that day, I'm always philosphically asking myself questions. Oh and my drama teacher = big inspiration.

2. I don't just let it flow

3. I prepared for 5 minutes, thinking about the name.

4. Nope, the author of Brave New World said if you edit things you write you take problems and leave more, why not just leave it?

5. Oh yeah, always.

6. Political science/People

7. I know you do, my family and my drama teacher (accidentily sent him the link)

8. Yes, if i dont i explode, I know sometimes it doesn't get posted so i discuss with a friend or sister.

9. Sort of, its always there, the "will anyone else care about it?"

10. Probably one from you that said something about how good it was I was introspective or something. My teacher also said one to me one day "Its the one place you sound intelligent with trying to emulate me" not true that i emulate him :P

11. My mother said she hated it cause I had my name on it, and its a waste of time....depressing :(

12. Maybe you or Robert Fulghum, both make me think.

13. What matters is the water, not the cup.