Thursday, March 23, 2006

Back to the future

ChiquiBaby1.5.jpg, originally uploaded by iKat Kreations.

My Dad took this photo. I was one and a half. And just to prove that my kids are mine - well, at least ONE of them! - and I am not just their Asian nanny, I present valuable evidence right here:

Kat 1.5 & Joshim 1

SEE. We even have the same dribble-me pose.

I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

Honey, He looks so much like you!
Asian Nanny??? I think not!!
more like sexy mama!!

Anonymous said...

Honey he looks so much like you!!!!
Asian nanny?? I think not..
More like sexy mama!!!!!!!!!

Bowds said...

AHHH I love it! I can't believe the resembelence there. BTW that photo is soooooo cute, its a little Kat! Little!!!

Keep it cute Bigsis.


iKat said...

Dear Anon/Sis(I think!) ~ Thanks, Original Hot Mama. You did it! YAY.

Cutesy D ~ LOL Thanks, sweetie. Keep it real, brotha. ;-)