Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thirteen Things About This Mama

1. I've always known as early as highschool that I wanted kids and wished to have two or three. Voila...3!

2. It's true what they say about the first born being washed and wiped and wrung every two minutes, the second one wiped every two hours and the third one... oh don't bother. Let em eat off the floor if they wanna.

3. My choosing to be stay-at-home-mom was not a difficult decision to make

4. Yet it is getting harder and harder to keep.

5. I find motherhood all-consuming: body, mind, spirit.

6. And I thought I'd just breeze through it with my manicured nails and blow-dried hair.

7. My nails hardly know polish anymore, let along the nail-file, and my hair is simply there to keep my head warm during the winter.

8. The best times of the day for me are when baby J comes over to caress/massage my stubbed toe, elbow, knee (with 3 kids running around, it's bound to happen a lot), when they sit side by side either watching tv, doing arts/crafts, peeling boiled eggs...quietly, and bedtime. Shhhh...bliss!

9. I take pride in raising kids who not only know their ABCs and 123s but are respectful of others and more importantly, themselves.

10. The three things I consider important to share with my children are ~ to follow their hearts, to honor themselves, and to always be God-centered and aware of their spirituality.

11. I believe it was the best decision raising the kids myself.

12. I still wish for a full-time housekeeper/nanny to help me in the day to day.

13. I believe my kids are going to thrive when they see their mommy thriving first.

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owlhaven said...

I like 7 and 8. I have13 too!!

Mary, mom to many

Kelly said...

Thanks for saying it for me!
The Stay at Home Mom thing isn't easy.... And. I wish I had a nanny around. You know. For when I want to sleep!

Happy Thursday!
Mine are up.
Diary of the Nello

TNChick said...

Great list. I've been at home with my kids since before my first born came along in 1997. I, too, think the decision was easy... I do question my snaity sometimes LOL My kids are now 8 and 3.

My 13 is up.

Denise said...

Awesome list!

I love being a SAHM...I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Mine are up.


Chickadee said...

OMG, do you realize how few people acknowledge the importance of #13? There are people out there who have a lot of "self repair" to do and dont do it. I don't think people seem to realize that through their example, they teaching their children self-hate, disrespect, etc.

I hope to have children one day...but not until I get a few things within me straightened out. I also plan to introduce spirituality to my children at an early age.

My 13 are up.

Kimmy said...

Sweet list! Being a mommy is the best thing in the world!

I always wanted at least three kids, too. But only have one.

My list is up.

Shelli said...

You sound like a great mommy!

Thanks for coming by my 13.

iKat said...

I can't edit my post! What the heck is going on with blogger? >:-(

Faith said...

Great list. Being a Mom is the most amazing blessing.