Friday, March 17, 2006

Home is where the heart is

My heart of hearts, originally uploaded by iKat Kreations.

Canon 300E

I never thought I could have my heart of hearts outside my body until I had my kids.



Bowds said...

Oh Kat, you say the best things!!! Wonder what your kids will do for mothers day when they see what you wrote about them :D

Lena said...

Beautiful photograph!!!

My favorite quote is (I think Elizabeth Stone) "Having children is to choose to let your heart go walking around outside your body".

So so true.

iKat said...

B ~ Thanks, Dylan. When's Mothers' Day again? You, otoh, have the best comments! Hmm...wonder what I'll do for YOU on HappyBloggingDay? Blog Day? Hey, let's make one up! :-)

L ~ I knew I read that somewhere. Ms. Stone put is most accurately. Somedays though doesn't it feel more like heart-ripped-out-and-bleeding-in-a-heap than strutting around all happy-happy? LOL Just the same, yougottaloveit! Cuz it's all about love, baby!!!