Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Kids' Treasures (from our morning walks)
Canon 300E

Thank you Sun, thank you Spring
Thank you bright and shiny things

Thank you coffee, thank you games
Thanks for keeping me this sane

Thank you kids, thank you laughs
Thank you silly, thank you snacks

Thank you walks, thank you talks
Thank you pebbles, thank you rocks

Thank you tv, thank you 'toons
Caillou, Barney, all you loons

Thank you yoga, thank you pool
Thanks for keeping up the cool

Thank you pals, thank you gals
Thank you for the daily calls (and emails)

Thank you date day, thank you Nanny
Thank you Hubby, once-a-weekly

Thank you Wal-Mart, thank you Chapters
Thank you for the books and stickers

Thank you journals, thank you Coach
Thank you for your kind approach

Thank you Synchronicity
Thank you for your Love for me

Thank you Sun, thank you bright.
Thank you Spring, my Soul's delight.

Always in awe of You,


1 comment:

GailNHB said...

Who doesn't love a great poem of gratitude?!?! Thanks for the list of the simple things in life that bring so much pleasure. Curiosity is what keeps me alive most of the time. Mostly I wonder: how's all this going to turn out??? I hope you and the little ones have a great day! Grace and peace, Gail