Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Power of Now

"Shift your consciousness from thinking to feeling." ~ Suzanne Deason, Yoga Intructor

On Discipline: "People who work out every single day have no problem talking about it. He (Mario van Peebles) and I agreed that we have to get up and go immediately to the gym, pool, wherever our workout is, without doing anything before. "If I get up and think, 'Let me have a cup of coffee first,' it ain't happenin'," he said. Anna Deavere Smith, Letters To A Young Artist

"If you really want to know your mind, the body will always give you a truthful reflection, so look at the emotion or rather feel it in your body. If there is an apparent conflict between them, the thought will be the lie, the emotion will be the truth. Not the ultimate truth of who you are, but the relative truth of your state of mind at that time.

So observing our emotions is as important as observing our thoughts. Make it a habit to ask yourself: What's going on inside me at this moment? That question will point you in the right direction. But don't analyze, just watch. Focus you attention within. Feel the energy of the emotion. If there is no emotion present, take your attention more deeply into the inner energy field of your body. It is the doorway into Being." Eckhart Tolle

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